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About ETD

Eran Troy Danner is a singer,songwriter, guitarist and leader of one of Connecticut’s busiest bands. As someone who makes his living playing music day to day, ETD has learned to adapt to many different venues – everything from roadhouse saloons to fine dining restaurants and festivals throughout New England. Any venue big or small, Eran Troy Danner and his band are a perfect fit.  Playing approximately 150 shows a year, he has built up a large following and has proved to bring substantial increase in ticket sales when opening for National Acts. You are always guaranteed quality, professionalism and a performance you won’t forget.


Eran Troy Danner is Connecticut’s foremost up and coming performer. As a singer, guitarist and songwriter, he has drawn rave reviews from fans and has built a loyal following throughout New England.

Performing “LIVE” blues, swing and originals off his recently released CD’s, Eran immediately takes charge of the evening with his magnetic stage presence and exudes blazing passion on guitar. He delivers an astonishing highly intense night of music aimed at keeping the crowd entertained. He naturally draws audiences in, gets them out on the dance floor and keeps them there, sometimes performing all night without a single break.

Eran played the blues circuit in Connecticut with various bands for fifteen years before striking out on his own in 2003. Since then, his career has reached new heights. He has appeared in New England’s top venues, has frequently appeared live on radio stations and has been invited to be the opening act for many National performers and has released his original CD’s “7 Songs”,”This Is It”,”Lucky Day” and “God Girls Guitars”. Eran Troy Danner is making a mark on music that cannot be erased.


John Cafferty & The Beaver Brown Band
Johnny Winter
B.B. King
Robert Cray Band
John Lee Hooker, Jr.
Marcia Ball
Blues Traveler
Walter Trout
Tinsley Ellis
Jimmy Thackery
Eddie Kirkland
Christine Ohlman & Rebel Montez
Eddie Turner
Papa Chubby
Debbie Davies
Lil Ed & the Blues Imperials


Palace Theater 2013-2014 Headliner
Infinity Hall 2011-2012 Headliner
Fuse Fest Torrington 2015 Headliner
South Norwalk CT SoNo Arts and Music Festival 2009-2013
Town of Morris,CT Beach Party 2015
Ridgefield Playhouse – Ridgefield, CT
Mohegan Sun Casino – Uncasville, CT
Foxwoods Casino – Ledyard, CT
The Palace Theater – Waterbury, CT
Ives Concert Park – Danbury, CT
Theodores’Blues,Booze & BBQ’s – Springfield, CT
Black Eyed Sally’s – Hartford, CT
Westport CT, Blues, Views & BBQ 2011
Berlin Fair – Berlin, CT 2007-2009
Goshen Fair,Goshen CT 2016, 2017
Black Eyed & Blues Festival – Hartford, CT 2009, 2011
Bethlehem Fair – Bethlehem, CT 2009, 2015
Southbury CT Summer Concert Series 2017
Oxford CT Summer Concert Series 2016, 2017
Litchfield CT Summer Concert Series 2016, 2017
Torrington CT Summer Concert Series 2011-2015,2017
Naugatuck CT Summer Concert Series 2011-2017

Numerous other venues throughout New England


150 Performances a year
Winner of the 2010 CTBS Blues Challenge (Connecticut Blues Society)
Winner CTBS Best Self Produced Blues CD 2010
Finalist CT Blues Society Blues Challenge 2006, 2008, 2009 and 2010
Nominated for Best Blues Band – Hartford Advocate

Released four CD’s
Lucky Day
This Is It
God Girls Guitars
Seven Songs